European Project Pavilion

We are happy to announce that we will again have a whole pavilion dedicated to EU projects this year.

The hydrogen ecosystem moved forward also thanks to these EU-funded activities, which contribute to the development and progress of the European Union as a whole. EU projects are instrumental in promoting innovation, supporting regional development, tackling global challenges, and enhancing European integration.

Overall, EU projects are important because they support the achievement of shared goals and priorities across the European Union and can help to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Are you an EU project in the field of hydrogen? Would you like to showcase your achievements, present your activities, and get visibility for your deliverables? Join the EU projects pavilion!

Get in touch with us at to find out more about it.

What is included in the EU PROJECT PAVILION?


  • Your project logo
  • 2x High chairs
  • 1x Electrical Socket
  • 1x Led light
  • 1x 43inch screen
  • Shared storage room with a lockable door
  • Shared networking area with tables and chairs
  • Project profile listing on the event website and the event app


Each project also gets a 20min slot at the mini-technical forum in the middle of the EU Project Pavilion between Tuesday, 19 November and Thursday, 21 November 2024 to showcase their project.

  • 40 -50 chairs
  • 80-inch screen connected to the PC with HDMI / USB
  • PC for presentation and a clicker 
  • Lectern
  • 3 handheld microphones 
  • 4 –5 high chairs for speakers 

Book your space here

Price per project: 6.500,00 EUR + VAT  

In case the project wants to bring an installation/vehicle /model the empty space next to the pavilion can be rented out for a price of € 330 + VAT per sqm.