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Hydrogen has been gaining traction in recent years as one of the solutions for decarbonising various sectors of the economy, including mobility, industry, and power generation.

Nowadays, many countries around the world have developed their own national hydrogen strategies, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, and the European Union, aiming to promote the scale up of a global hydrogen market.

Next to government actions, many companies and organizations are forming partnerships and collaborations to advance the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies, especially in the field of green hydrogen production.

Overall, hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in the transition to a cleaner energy future. While there are still some challenges associated with hydrogen, continued investment and research in hydrogen technologies are expected to drive further developments in the field.

At the EU Hydrogen Week, we will discuss all the latest developments happening at national, European, and global level directly with the hydrogen experts directly involved in them! Join us to get inspired and discover the newest trends in the sector!

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