Our sustainability choices

Paper-less event

The organisers are conscious of the impact on the environment that our event may have. We believe that together with our exhibitors, partners, and participants we can make a difference. Therefore, please note that to reduce the number of materials printed, we promote an almost paper-less event and expo. In due time, we will invite everyone to download the EU Hydrogen Week App for the most updated information on the programme. We encourage all our exhibitors to focus on digital and frictionless solutions for our visitors. Together we can minimize our impact on the environment.

Accessible venue & free tickets for public transport

By choosing a venue that is easily accessible by public transport or train ride, we strive to encourage participants to use these means of transport and therefore reduce their impact on the environment. Additionally, thanks to our partnership with visit.brussels each participant will get free public transport cards to be used on the metro, bus or tram! These cards are one way journey passes (valid for 1 hour) and can be used for any STIB-MIVB service (metro, bus, or tram). Attendees can pick them up at the registration desk in Hall 11.