Why exhibit?

The hydrogen economy is redrawing the energy map. There is absolutely no doubt that it will have a key role in the clean energy transition, especially to harvest the fast-growing amount of renewable energy. Therefore, in the global race to reach the Paris Agreement targets, hydrogen technologies are more and more at the centre of attention and are now considered crucial and lucrative opportunities.

The hydrogen moment is definitely now! That’s why more and more companies and investors are prioritising hydrogen. Yet, every business decision carries a risk, and to mitigate them connections and knowledge-sharing are key.

Building on the success of the European Hydrogen Week 2022, powerful and influential leaders, policymakers, researchers, consumers, and organisations attending the event will be able to meet customers, investors and partners in the exhibition area and attend thought-provoking sessions while engaging with the entire hydrogen value chain.

Exhibiting at the EU Hydrogen Week will provide you with a number of benefits for your organisation, including: