EU Projects Pavilion


We are happy to announce that this year we will have a whole pavilion dedicated to EU projects. The hydrogen ecosystem moved forward also thanks to these EU-funded activities that are contributing to the development and progress of the European Union as a whole.

EU projects are instrumental to promote innovation, support regional development, tackle global challenges, and enhance European integration.

Overall, EU projects are important because they support the achievement of shared goals and priorities across the European Union and can help to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.


Are you an EU project in the field of hydrogen? Would you like to showcase your achievements, present your activities, and get visibility for your deliverables? Join the EU projects pavilion! Get in touch with us at to find out more about it.

H2UB - the hydrogen start-up hub #HYDROVERSE

H2UB is the first European platform for start-ups operating in the hydrogen ecosystem.

It connects start-ups and future founders with companies, funding partners and research institutes to successfully develop and bring innovative hydrogen ideas to market.

For this reason, as an official partner of Hydrogen Europe, we are more than happy to take over the responsibility for the Start-up Area. 20 start-ups from the H2UB Hydroverse will accompany us to Brussels and showcase their exciting innovations.

For more information, please visit:


Hydrogen Europe Research

Hydrogen Europe Research is an international, non–profit association composed of more than 140 Universities and Research & Technology Organisations (RTO) from 29 countries all over Europe and beyond. We represent the European scientific community involved in the development of a new industrial ecosystem based on hydrogen, and committed to moving towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy.

We actively promote scientific excellence, intellectual property development and technology transfer in Europe. We push new ideas and guide the breakthroughs in the energy ecosystem based on hydrogen, while supporting the industrial sector in its objective to improve present technologies and reach economic viability for hydrogen-based solutions in the market.

We are a member of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, we follow and discuss European policies, and work to create a hydrogen skills agenda.

For more info, please visit